Wednesday, February 11, 2009

God loves us

February 8, 2009

my 경험

Well its been a while since i have been able to actually sit down and write an email because the past few weeks have been crazy. im going to be honest, these past 3 weeks have been really hard. ive been having problems with my companion and i have learned a lot from it. its really made me step back and think about why i am here on a mission. a little over a week ago i had an experience that changed my prospective a lot and really helped me. i am hesitant to share this experience because it is very personal and spiritual. but ive decided that its alright to share.
so i was on splits with the elder from New Zealand and we were street proselyting when a lady walked straight up to us.she was about 40 and was dressed fairly nicely. as she was walking she kept repeating something really fast. it took me about 10 seconds to break down what she was saying and comprehend it. she was saying 'i want to die, i want to die, i want to die'. it caught me really off gaurd and neither of us knew what to do. i began praying in my heart, begging for the influence of the spirit to tell me how to help this woman. well an answer didnt come right away. i tried to calm her down and asked her what the problem was. she spoke really fast and i only understood one word from her whole story. the word was hawna neem. 하나님. it means God. i was instantly filled with the Holy Ghost. it was as if someone was hugging my whole body. i cant explain the feeling i felt. i felt God's love for this woman and i told her that He loves her. i told her that He has a plan for her and that she doesn't want to die. this life is hard but it is so worth it to live.
I learned about the Love of God that day. i learned that God loves all of His children equally and individually. this has really helped me to love my companion more. even though we are different, God loves us the same. I know that God lives. i know that we are his children and He created an incomprehensible plan for us to return to Him. How amazing it is to know of this plan and have the opportunity to share it with others.

obedience is the price
love is the motive
faith is the power
the Spirit is the key
Jesus Christ is the reason.

Elder Wells