Monday, July 19, 2010

More Americans

this week was a little better here in daegu because the rainy season started so it wasnt too hot but still really really sticky and humid. on days that it doesnt rain we sweat a lot because of the humidity. even when we are in the shade we just continue to sweat, its crazy. i think im getting better at english because this week at church i was actually able to interact with the foreigners a little. last week a girl in the foreign branch brought her two friends to church and they invited us over to there house last night to learn about the church. her friends are a husband and wife that have been married for a year and are expecting a baby. they have a christian background and are really curious about 'what makes mormons different'. my companion and i had a lot of fun getting to know them and telling them stories about korea. we were shocked to see american food at their house and they were shocked that we dont have access to american food like they do (they are in the military and get american food on the base) and offered to take us to the base to eat taco bell or subway. i got so excited because i really miss american food. i told them that i hadnt eaten american food like that in 2 years and they started packing up doritos, cake, and cereal for us to take home. so nice. we struggled a little to teach about the church in english but the spirit was strong and we were able to teach a solid first lesson. i felt like the spirit was edifying all of us and was teaching us as we taught. i am in awe of the restoration and know that it is the only possible way that God could restore the full gospel to the earth. its so amazing.

-Elder Wells

Monday, July 12, 2010

Speaking English was weird!

so i think i mentioned this last week but i have officially entered my last transfer and got moved to a new area. i was kind of sad at first because there just isnt enough time to get to know people here before i go but at the same time i feel like im here for a reason and am excited to serve in the ward that im in. the city im in is called dae-gu and we are over a big korean ward and a small american military branch. i went to church in english yesterday for the first time in 2 years and it was really weird. they had me introduce myself (in english) and i had no idea what to say. i tried to tell a story about my mission but it was really hard to explain. then i went to talk to people and im not sure if it was because everyone was a big military general or because i forgot how to socialize with americans but i felt really uncomfortable. hopefully things will get better and i'll be able to practice speaking with americans before i got back to the US.

Elder wells

Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's been a while...

hey its been a while since ive written, sorry about that. ive just been caught up in a few things here. i got a call last week that im getting transfered so that was kind of sad. i kind of like transfers though because it allows me to sit back and look at the things that ive learned in the area. in this last area i learned a lot about patience, faith, and hope. i would have to say that the scripture of this transfer is definately ether 12:4. it talks about the hope we can have if we believe in God. i know that if we truly believe in God we can have faith that the future will be better than the past and can hope for a better world and life.

elder wells