Wednesday, February 10, 2010

General Conference

I was thinking about what to write in my email today and the only thing i could think about was the november liahona/ensign about general conference. there was a shortage of the english version in our mission so i didnt get a copy. i tried my hardest to study the words of the prophets by reading the korean version with a dictionary next to me but it was really really hard. i started in November and made it through the priesthood session a few weeks ago. i finally decided to order the 1$ english version and have been studying it recently. im grateful for the opportunity to read the prophet's council in my own language and i know that they speak the words of our loving Heavenly Father.

Elder Wells

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Broken Rice Cooker

Bcc: weston Wells
Date: 01/28/10 03:20 am
Subject: broken rice cooker

ive officially been with my greenie for a week and things are going great. we're having fun and working hard. i try to set a good example for him but its hard because i still feel like a greenie in his culture. he shows me how to live like a korean and im grateful for his patience. he has to deal with my weaknesses and sometimes i feel bad for him. for example, i felt bad the other day because i broke our rice cooker. what happened was i wanted to bake a cake and since our little appartment doesnt have an oven, the only way to accomplish the task was to test out the rice cooker. i had heard of other missionaries doing it so it seemed like a fool proof method. i prepared the batter and started the rice cooker but it stopped about 10 minutes after it started. the cake wasnt even close to being done and i couldnt get the button to stay down so i jammed a spoon into the side to keep the button down. about 20 minutes later i checked the cake and it was totally burned. like the whole thing was black. i guess the rice cooker got too hot in the process and broke...oops.
um besides that, we had a lot of sucess this week on the street talking to people. we gave out a lot of book of mormons and taught a few quick lessons. it is awesome to share the message of the restoration and watch the different responses people have to it. i know the Lord is preparing them to hear this message and im grateful that i can be the one to share it.

Elder Wells