Friday, May 29, 2009

May 10 Mothers Day - Leaving JeJu

So sorry this didn't get out sooner!  We were able to talk to Elder Wells' Saturday night and it was so neat for him to be so positive and feel his LOVE for Korea and the Korean people!  yeah!  He blessed our Mother's day dinner in Korean and we were able to "hear" his progress with the language.  He is now back on the mainland where he will have more interaction with his mission president, zone leaders etc.  In all the time that he has been in Korea (7 1/2 months total, 6 months on the island of JeJu) he has not been to a zone he is excited for more contact with the other missionaries in his mission.

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From: weston Wells
Date: Sun, May 10, 2009 at 5:07 PM
Subject: we just talked

well we just talked on the phone and i have to catch a plane so this email will be short. for those of you that i didnt talk to, i got transfered and will be flying back to busan in a little over an hour. i loved the time that i got to spend here on jeju. this week we had a few good experience and picked up some new investigators. i am sad to leave because i wont be able to see these people learn the gospel and progress.
the highlight of the week was probably thursday's lunch. we went to a restaraunt and ate horse meat 3 different ways. the first way was raw, sashimi style. it was a lot more tender than i thought it would be but kind of gross. the second way was horse ribs in a stew. that was delicious and tasted like a good pot roast. and the third way was cooked on a grill and wrapped in lettuce. good stuff.

elder wells

Monday, May 25, 2009

Things are good in Chong One

this week was pretty average here. my companion and i are working great together and the work is moving along. we have two investigators and one attended a baptism on saturday with us. he really liked it. his name is e jean gyoung and hes 19. hes a solid kid. he has never known his father and his mother died two years ago so he lives alone and his grandmother visits him every once in a while. he has had a pretty hard life and the gospel is really helping him. we taught him this week about baptism and finding an answer for himself. because hes never known his father he isnt familiar with someone to take care of him and struggles with the fact that God is our Heavenly Father. but he is starting to pray and we have faith that he will recieve an answer. our other investigator is what missionaries call an 'english spaz'. he started meeting wiht us because we are foreigners and wanted to learn english. but we taught him the plan of salvation this week and he asked us if we really believe what we are teaching him. it was a great opportunity for us to testify and show our faith. the spirit was there and he told us that he wants to find out for himself if these things are true. so we committed him to pray, he just needs to pray in korean, not in english...

Elder Wells

the former president of korea committed suicide on saturday but it doesnt seem like it has affected many people. korea is divided into provinces and he died in the same province i live in, its called gyoung nawm. so i thought there would be more news about it or people talking but there hasnt been.

May 18 New Everything! New comp, new area, back on the mainland!

the first week in my new area was good. getting transfered is kind of weird because everything changes. new companion, new area, new investigators, it is all different. the city i am in is really nice. it is different from most other cities in korea because it was planned out before it was built or something. so the streets are straight and everything kind of makes sense. in other cities the streets are windy and intersections have like 6 roads breaking off of them. the city is called chong one. its west of busan but im not really sure where it is. i havent really looked it up on a map. the ward here is huge and the work is good. i like my companion and we have been really blessed this week. we have been praying for teaching opportunities and the Lord is blessing us with them. i am so grateful for prayer. it is one of the first things i like to teach investigators. i know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and that if we ask with pure intent he will answer them. it truly is amazing.

Elder Wells

im in an area called chong one, its a really nice city and i like it a lot. my companions name is elder draper. hes from magna utah. his aunt and uncle know vince and wendy. he is a good kid and has a lot of desire. he's definately still a greenie though. um i havent met with or seen president recently. he didnt come to jeju last transfer because he couldnt buy a plane ticket so i havent seen him in a while. things are going really good.

May 3 splits in JeJu

well this week was fun. i got to go on splits back in my old area with a korean greenie. it was really good to go back and serve in jeju city. and i learned a lot from the greenie. even though he is korean he still has problems knowing what to say and how to say it. so i realized that everyone has problems with that stuff, even koreans that know the language. it also gave me time to reflect back on when i was a greenie, not long ago, and realize how much i have grown and progressed. its amazing how much i have learned and how much more comfortable i am talking to strangers about the gospel. i also got to meet up with some of the jeju church members too so it was a great splits session thing.

here in so ghe po the work is moving slowly but surely. we picked up one investigator and he says he is praying. yesterday we met with him and our branch president because they are both farmers. our branch president bore his testimony about how the Lord has blessed him and his family. he doesn't have a whole lot of income but he explained how the Lord has provided for him and gave him a side job as a milk man. it was a good appointment. we also met with the less active family i have mentioned before and have been trying to comitt them to pray. the kids are good and have been trying to pray but the mom always shuts down our comittments. but this time we shared some personal experiences and got them to pray as a family. it is so cool to see people slowly change their lives for the gospel.
Elder Wells
oh i forgot to mention last week about a highlight that happened on my birthday. we met with a 50 year old guy that speaks english with us and this time he tried to pray in english. halfway through the prayer i started laughing so hard that i didnt hear the end of the prayer but i recorded what i heard. here it is: Dear God. today is wells' birthday. please bless his birthday. we also thank God's birthday. we hope God is happy after his birthday...thats all i got. i dont know if it's funny to you. maybe you had to be there, i dont know. i wish you could meet this guy. he is great.