Monday, May 25, 2009

Things are good in Chong One

this week was pretty average here. my companion and i are working great together and the work is moving along. we have two investigators and one attended a baptism on saturday with us. he really liked it. his name is e jean gyoung and hes 19. hes a solid kid. he has never known his father and his mother died two years ago so he lives alone and his grandmother visits him every once in a while. he has had a pretty hard life and the gospel is really helping him. we taught him this week about baptism and finding an answer for himself. because hes never known his father he isnt familiar with someone to take care of him and struggles with the fact that God is our Heavenly Father. but he is starting to pray and we have faith that he will recieve an answer. our other investigator is what missionaries call an 'english spaz'. he started meeting wiht us because we are foreigners and wanted to learn english. but we taught him the plan of salvation this week and he asked us if we really believe what we are teaching him. it was a great opportunity for us to testify and show our faith. the spirit was there and he told us that he wants to find out for himself if these things are true. so we committed him to pray, he just needs to pray in korean, not in english...

Elder Wells

the former president of korea committed suicide on saturday but it doesnt seem like it has affected many people. korea is divided into provinces and he died in the same province i live in, its called gyoung nawm. so i thought there would be more news about it or people talking but there hasnt been.

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