Monday, May 25, 2009

May 18 New Everything! New comp, new area, back on the mainland!

the first week in my new area was good. getting transfered is kind of weird because everything changes. new companion, new area, new investigators, it is all different. the city i am in is really nice. it is different from most other cities in korea because it was planned out before it was built or something. so the streets are straight and everything kind of makes sense. in other cities the streets are windy and intersections have like 6 roads breaking off of them. the city is called chong one. its west of busan but im not really sure where it is. i havent really looked it up on a map. the ward here is huge and the work is good. i like my companion and we have been really blessed this week. we have been praying for teaching opportunities and the Lord is blessing us with them. i am so grateful for prayer. it is one of the first things i like to teach investigators. i know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and that if we ask with pure intent he will answer them. it truly is amazing.

Elder Wells

im in an area called chong one, its a really nice city and i like it a lot. my companions name is elder draper. hes from magna utah. his aunt and uncle know vince and wendy. he is a good kid and has a lot of desire. he's definately still a greenie though. um i havent met with or seen president recently. he didnt come to jeju last transfer because he couldnt buy a plane ticket so i havent seen him in a while. things are going really good.

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