Monday, May 25, 2009

May 3 splits in JeJu

well this week was fun. i got to go on splits back in my old area with a korean greenie. it was really good to go back and serve in jeju city. and i learned a lot from the greenie. even though he is korean he still has problems knowing what to say and how to say it. so i realized that everyone has problems with that stuff, even koreans that know the language. it also gave me time to reflect back on when i was a greenie, not long ago, and realize how much i have grown and progressed. its amazing how much i have learned and how much more comfortable i am talking to strangers about the gospel. i also got to meet up with some of the jeju church members too so it was a great splits session thing.

here in so ghe po the work is moving slowly but surely. we picked up one investigator and he says he is praying. yesterday we met with him and our branch president because they are both farmers. our branch president bore his testimony about how the Lord has blessed him and his family. he doesn't have a whole lot of income but he explained how the Lord has provided for him and gave him a side job as a milk man. it was a good appointment. we also met with the less active family i have mentioned before and have been trying to comitt them to pray. the kids are good and have been trying to pray but the mom always shuts down our comittments. but this time we shared some personal experiences and got them to pray as a family. it is so cool to see people slowly change their lives for the gospel.
Elder Wells
oh i forgot to mention last week about a highlight that happened on my birthday. we met with a 50 year old guy that speaks english with us and this time he tried to pray in english. halfway through the prayer i started laughing so hard that i didnt hear the end of the prayer but i recorded what i heard. here it is: Dear God. today is wells' birthday. please bless his birthday. we also thank God's birthday. we hope God is happy after his birthday...thats all i got. i dont know if it's funny to you. maybe you had to be there, i dont know. i wish you could meet this guy. he is great.

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