Monday, July 20, 2009


I have to email kind of quick today because there are 5 little kids looking over my shoulder waiting for me to finish using the computer. they just started summer vacation and are using all of the computers to play games like star craft and stuff.
anyway my week went by really fast. i went on splits with a missionary i knew from the mtc named elder loveless which was fun. nothing special happened there. on wednesday we met our investigator at his work and taught him a lesson. he works at subway (yeah we have subway here, and quiznos, its great but expensive) while we were teaching him a lady walked by the window, stopped and stared at us. after a while she came in and asked us if we were missionaries and where the church was. she said she lived in canada for a few years and went to our church there a few times. we gave her our number and she called us to make an appointment. it was crazy becuase we called the sister missionaries (sister hill) to give them the referall and they said that it was a lady that they were trying to find. they got a referral from the mission office but it didnt have a phone number so they were going to try to find her house. we saved them a big step and told them that they have an appointment with her on wednesday at 7. it was cool to see a little miracle like that speed up the work a lot. i was also amazed that the lady had the courage to talk to us and call to make an appointment. that was a first.
things are good here in chong one. the church is still true.

Elder Wells

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the picture of the cake sign says wells..

Don't try this at home!

Elder Jin meen young Robert Harley

well i realized that i have been with my new companion elder jin meen young 진민용 for three weeks and i havent even told you about him. he is an awesome convert that wasn't planning on going on a mission but the opportunity arose so he is here. he was baptized 5 years ago because his aunt introduced him to the church. after he was baptized he went to college and was planning on doing the rotc instead of the two year military service that all korean young men have to do. because of that he didnt have the time to take a two year brake and serve a mission. but somehow a new program came out for people in the rotc to be able to take two years off so he saw it as a sign and came out. he is a great elder and i really like working with him.
i dont have much time because i am emailing from a train and i have to get off soon but i'll update you on our investigators.
'Denmark' isnt doing so good because his dad said we cant meet with him. he has a big test to take in october and he has to study for it. koreans study a lot...we just got the book of mormon in danish, mormons bog, and are praying that we can at least give that to him.
our 'gay' investigator was sick for most of last week so we couldnt meet with him. his main problem is that he doesnt have any faith or any desire to believe what we teach him. so we are working on getting him to find a motive and trying to give him hope.
welp gotta go.
love elder wells

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i got off the train and my comp still has to do some emailin so im back on. maybe you can attach this to my last email and send them all together or something.

the highlight of the week this week was definitely saturday night. there was a fireside in busan in my greenie ward. a guy named robert harley came and spoke and i got permission to go. he is an american that is famous in korean because he is good at korean and teaches english. he also served in this mission a long time ago. it was so cool to go and see all of the people in the ward that i havent seen since november and be able to actually kind of speak to them. the best part was seeing a guy named barry there. barry is a chinese guy that we taught when i was a greenie but he couldnt come to church because of school so we were thinking about dropping him. since we met him at the church next to the mission office we decided to give him to the office couple and they have been meeting him every since. he doesnt speak korean, but he is pretty good at english. he came to the fireside and remembered me even though we only met like 3 times and it was 8 months ago. i was really happy that he remembered me and that he is still investigating the church. he is done with school in september and will be able to come to church then. this is the first time i have been able to see a direct result of something i have done on my mission. i dont know how to explain it but it is really really rewarding.

My Spiritual Message

July 5
this week i was asked by the mission office to write up my testimony and send it in to be put in the mission newspaper. i've decided to send the article to all of you instead of writing a long email and trying to think of all of the things i did this week because its a lot easier. obviously my article is focused towards missionaries but i hopefully all of you can find something in it to help your study of the gospel as well.

here it is..

Makin' a good personal study.

I have found it hard sometimes to make my personal study as effective as i want it to be or to find the time to study all the things that i want to study. i get frustrated trying to balance a good amount of Book of Mormon study, outlines, Jesus the Christ, Preach My Gospel, and personal questions that i just want to answer while still getting a 'spiritual lift' each morning. But my testimony today is that similar to Hyrum Smith's. It is that we don't need to submerge ourselves into deeper doctrine everyday to continue to recieve spiritual insights. As we study and preach the first principles of the gospel (which can be studied through doing outlines), "new ideas and additional light concerning them will be revealed to (us)." (pmg pg 6). Following along with the first principles of the gospel, i want to share some new ideas and personal light that i have learned about gospel principles i have been studying my whole life.
Everyone knows that with faith we can perform miracles, heal the sick, and even move mountains. However, it is not commonly observed that there is a bigger, even more important miracle produced by faith. What miracle is bigger than moving a mountain? Well, I'll tell ya. It is a remission of sins and eventually salvation. As you already know, this remission of sins comes through our true faith to repent and rely on the atonement of Jesus Christ. But why repentance? Why can't God just forgive us of our sins? Of course repentance is a good thing; it causes us to humble ourselves, change, and draw closer to God but is it really necessary? I mean Christ truly did suffer an infinite atonement so why aren't we all just...saved? I am sure there are many answers to this question, some of which are found in Alma 42, and i am excited to continue my study about this basic gospel principle. As for now, I have a testimony that faith is the foundation for salvation. A principle that if truly understood and applied leads to long lasting repentance, remission of sins, and even eternal life. If we base our study time upon these principles, showing the way to our investigators, i know that the words of King Benjamin will be fulfilled and we will all grow in a knowledge of our creator. "And behold, I say unto you that if ye do this ye shall always rejoice, and be filled with the love of God, and always retain a remission of your sins; and ye shall grow in the knowledge of the glory of him that created you, or in the knowledge of that which is just and true." (Mosiah 4:12) It is my hope that we all excel in the knowledge of our Father in Heaven and his plan as we bring the gospel to his cherished sons and daughters.

Elder Wells