Monday, July 20, 2009


I have to email kind of quick today because there are 5 little kids looking over my shoulder waiting for me to finish using the computer. they just started summer vacation and are using all of the computers to play games like star craft and stuff.
anyway my week went by really fast. i went on splits with a missionary i knew from the mtc named elder loveless which was fun. nothing special happened there. on wednesday we met our investigator at his work and taught him a lesson. he works at subway (yeah we have subway here, and quiznos, its great but expensive) while we were teaching him a lady walked by the window, stopped and stared at us. after a while she came in and asked us if we were missionaries and where the church was. she said she lived in canada for a few years and went to our church there a few times. we gave her our number and she called us to make an appointment. it was crazy becuase we called the sister missionaries (sister hill) to give them the referall and they said that it was a lady that they were trying to find. they got a referral from the mission office but it didnt have a phone number so they were going to try to find her house. we saved them a big step and told them that they have an appointment with her on wednesday at 7. it was cool to see a little miracle like that speed up the work a lot. i was also amazed that the lady had the courage to talk to us and call to make an appointment. that was a first.
things are good here in chong one. the church is still true.

Elder Wells

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