Friday, May 29, 2009

May 10 Mothers Day - Leaving JeJu

So sorry this didn't get out sooner!  We were able to talk to Elder Wells' Saturday night and it was so neat for him to be so positive and feel his LOVE for Korea and the Korean people!  yeah!  He blessed our Mother's day dinner in Korean and we were able to "hear" his progress with the language.  He is now back on the mainland where he will have more interaction with his mission president, zone leaders etc.  In all the time that he has been in Korea (7 1/2 months total, 6 months on the island of JeJu) he has not been to a zone he is excited for more contact with the other missionaries in his mission.

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From: weston Wells
Date: Sun, May 10, 2009 at 5:07 PM
Subject: we just talked

well we just talked on the phone and i have to catch a plane so this email will be short. for those of you that i didnt talk to, i got transfered and will be flying back to busan in a little over an hour. i loved the time that i got to spend here on jeju. this week we had a few good experience and picked up some new investigators. i am sad to leave because i wont be able to see these people learn the gospel and progress.
the highlight of the week was probably thursday's lunch. we went to a restaraunt and ate horse meat 3 different ways. the first way was raw, sashimi style. it was a lot more tender than i thought it would be but kind of gross. the second way was horse ribs in a stew. that was delicious and tasted like a good pot roast. and the third way was cooked on a grill and wrapped in lettuce. good stuff.

elder wells

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