Monday, June 15, 2009

Interesting Investigator

May 31, 2009
i dont even know how to start this email so i will just say it. this week we found out that our investigator is gay. if you are wondering how we find out, here is the story.
we always had a suspicion that our 19 year old investigator is gay because he is really femmie and always comments on how attractive we are. so it has kind of become a joke between me and my companion that he is gay and stuff. well this week we got talking to him about our life dreams and i said how i want to graduate college, get married and support a family. since he has never had a family he told us that he doesnt want to get married or anything. so i asked him if he wanted a girlfrend or at least had interest in girls. he said no. thats when things started to get awkward and i knew i had to find out if this kid is gay or not. so very nonchalantly i said you dont have interest in guys...right? and it turns out that he does. well he thinks that guys and girls are the same and theres nothing wrong with liking guys. it kind of freaked me out so i changed the subject and we taught him the plan of salvation. i dont have anymore time but that was our expirience this week. we arent sure what to do with him becuase he still can change and become a member but we dont think we are the ones that could do it. we want to give him to the sister missionaries.

Elder Wells

ps happy birthday to
dad, grandpa, lace
happy anniversary mom and dad
and shaylee congratulations on getting baptized

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