Monday, June 29, 2009

Elder Jin

my first week with elder jin was longer than i thought it would be. all of the students here have finals next week so this week we couldnt meet with everyone we wanted to because everyone is studying. we spent a lot of time trying to find people and no one really seemed to want to listen to us. i meet a really weird old foreigner who has lived here for 22 years and is investigating the korean government. hes american but im pretty sure he is just here on his own. he said there is a lot of secret stuff going on in the government and he is determined to "bring them to justice." i dont really know what he was talking about. i think he was kind of crazy.
we got dropped this week by the lady that lives in the really nice apartments. she said that she doesnt have interest in religion and was only meeting with us because she likes foreigners.
the spiritual highlight this week came last night in an appointment with our investigator that we call denmark. he's the one that lived in denmark for 6 years and isnt exactly fluent in korean. so we met him and watched the restoration dvd in danish subtitles. it was the first time i have seen danish and it looked crazy. there were like slashes and accent marks and words like duethcnexz. he really liked the dvd and i think he really understands the need for a restoration. i shared with him one of my favorite scriptures about the restoration and had to explain it in english to him. it went well and i am pretty sure he felt the spirit while we were teaching him.

elder wells.

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