Monday, June 15, 2009

The Police and a polish woman

the police and a polish woman
June 14, 2009

ugh i just typed up a really good long email and i accidentally deleted it so this one will be a little short.
but yeah i met a polish lady this week. i talked to her about poland and told her that my friend is there. she is here because her husband is an engineer here. hes from croatia. i told her that i had a friend in croatia too.
about the police...well i have told you that we have a gay investigator. we didnt meet him this week but we called him on the phone throughout the week to see how he is doing. it is always awkward to call him because he asks weird questions and tries to make us say things that we dont mean. for example he asked me if i wanted to see him. to be honest i dont want to see him and i definately wasnt going to tell a gay person that i want to see them. but if he was a normal investigator i would have been like yeah i totally want to see you. i just told him that i want to meet and talk about the gospel. anyway he said he would come to church but he didnt and instead the police showed up during gospel principles class looking for him. they told us to call him and tell him to come to the church and to not say that the police were there. it was all really sketchy. well he doesnt have a cell phone (probably the only person in korea without one) and his grandma said he wasnt at the house. so the police left and we still dont know if they found our guy or not.
besides the police, this week was a really good week. we had the most lessons in one week that i have ever had on my mission. it was more lessons this last week than i have had in a transfer before. i love the area, work, and my companion.

Elder Wells

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