Friday, April 30, 2010

More Changes

well i've been in the city of ulsan for a little over a month now and just when i was getting used to things, my companion, elder matsuura, got transfered. he is going to another big city and my new companion is once again korean. ive known him since the beginning of my mission and we get along really well so im excited. it was sad to see elder mastuura go though. we had a good transfer together and did a lot of fun things like eat raw whale meat and stuff. i'll try to attach a picture.

we dont have many investigators but the ones we have are doing good. one of them, named yang sun oak, is really awesome. she reads the book of mormon a lot and has really good questions. last week she asked us about the gold plates and why God doesnt just let us have them as proof of the book of mormon. we taught her about faith and how we have to believe without needing to see and if we do we'll recieve a witness from the holy ghost, which is a stronger witness than seeing the plates, she understood well and has a desire to believe. her question made me think about Heavenly Father and the proof he has given us about the book of mormon. it reminds me of a conversation i had with elder procuniar in the mtc because he was saying how perfect the book of mormon is. man can't prove it to be true or false. its impossible. the only way to know if the book of mormon is true or not is to read and pray about it. it really is amazing how no matter what people do to prove the book of mormon to be true or false, it can't be done. i know that this is because the book is from a loving Heavenly Father that wants us to read it and pray about it. when we do we will not only find out that it is true but we'll also learn about our Father in heaven and be able to make a relationship with him.

elder wells
ps check out the meat to blubber ratio on the whale meat

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