Friday, November 14, 2008

Nov. 9, 2008

Hey everyone,
This week was a really great week. we have one progressing investigator. his name is Pawk sung peer. he is 15. we have taught him the first lesson and committed to read the book of Mormon and pray. i got to teach about God, families, prayer, and The Restoration. i recited the first vision in Korea for the first time to an investigator. it was awesome and really spiritual. but i have really bad pronunciation so my companion gave him the first vision on paper to read. (kinda embarrassing that he didn’t understand me but o well). we have to teach him at a park because he doesn’t have much time cuz he goes to school and so we meet him there. we still teach the Chinese man, Barry but he cant come to church because he has school at busan college. so we might drop him and tell him to call the missionaries when his schedule changes.
there are 3 teams of missionaries in my area and we all work together with 2 wards. we put on a Halloween party last week for them. it was so fun. we carved pumpkins, had a scary movie going on in one room (it was a full on asian horror movie, very weird and only scary to Asians. do you remember the Chinese version of the ring we watched one time called ringu? it was a lot like that). well the movie wasn’t approved so we kinda got in trouble but anyway..there was also trick or treating. the mission presidents house is attached to our church so the kids went over and trick or treated there. it was a lot of fun and the ward loved it. we also had a haunted house maze thing. so fun.

I am really starting to enjoy cooking. its fun and rewarding. ive made applesauce, mashed potatoes and hash browns. a typical meal is something like ramen noodles (they originated in Korea and Koreans love them) the ramen here is a lot better than in the US but always really spicy. the food is normally really spicy. kimchi, always a soup and some other side things. i never really know what they are. its usually pretty good. the best thing i have eaten was actually Chinese food but a lot of Koreans eat it. its sweet and sour pork.
Korea is beautiful. we went to a members house in another city and the way there was all countryside and stuff. it was really cool green and orange hills because its fall. but im mostly in the city so it gets boring and everything looks the same. there are always fun weird billboards and advertisements that have weird english words here though.
yes for the record, everyone is naked in the bathhouse (including the missionaries). therefore they are banned in most of the other korea missions.
well thats that. im studying hard and really learning a lot from the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is such a powerful tool and i am so grateful to have it has a missionary.
Elder Wells

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