Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Everything is good!

April 12


i love the little city of seo gwee po. it is fun down here. my companion and i are getting along great and we are working hard together. i love having a companion that actually likes doing missionary work. we dont have any investigators so the work is really slow but we approach everything with a positive attitude and we know that it will work out in the Lord's way.
i have a bike now. its my first area with a bike and i think i can say i officially feel like a real missionary. when we ride i look in front of me at the guy wearing a suit and say yeah, i'm a missionary. it is good.
one of my favorite parts about this area is that we play a lot of ping pong here. our house is a little shack next to the church and the church has a ping pong table in it so ya. i bought a paddle and everything. there is an old lady in our branch that used to play competitively so she teaches us.
the members are good. there aren't very many but they are strong. we are trying to work with them and build a relationship with all of them but it is hard when neither me or my companion are really good at the language. i think the hardest thing is that we do not know what to say or how to relate to people and that causes a lot of awkward moments...its all good though. the members understand and try to help us. one family we have been working with is a innactive family. they arent awkward because they are really good at english. i was hoping for them to come to general conference but they couldn't make it. general conference was great by the way. i learned a lot and really enjoyed the testimonies of all the general authorities. their testimonies really strengthed my faith that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of God and that he leads this church by revelation. i am grateful for this knowledge and for the opportunity to be part of God's kingdom on earth. it is awesome.

Elder Wells

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