Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rotten oranges

April 5, 2009
hello family and friends,
i hope everyone enjoyed conference this past weekend. on my mission i have started to enjoy conference a lot more. how amazing is it that we get to hear the council and advice of modern day prophets. it is awesome. i actually havent watched conference yet because they watch it a week late in korea but i am excited to watch it next week. my companion and i visited a less active family this week and told them about conference. the mom used to be a solid member but she went inactive and hasnt been to church in 5 years. the missionary that was here before me got them to come to church and it has really turned them around. we testified of the importance of a modern day prophet and the mom comitted to come to a session this weekend. the members here have to drive an hour to jeju city to watch conference so it is kind of a big sacrifice for her. i love watching the gospel grow in people.
as for my new area and companion, everything is going good. the work here is a little slower but nothing to complain about. we visit an old old lady, that lives alone, every once in a while and we have to bring a member with us because she speaks such a thick, nasty accent that we absolutely can not understand her. she is really nice though. my companion said that our job is basically to make sure that she is still alive. last week she gave us a bag of oranges that were absolutely rotten. she pulled out a completely green rotten one before she gave us the bag. then she made us eat them in front of her. it was probably the worst thing i have ever eaten. good experience.

the other day my companion and i were walking on the street and there was an octopus on the sidewalk. it was still alive and everything. my companion and i wanted to keep it as a pet but a guy ran up to us, picked up the octopus by the head, and threw it into a tank right there on the side of the road. it was so random. a lot of the restaraunts have tanks full of fish and stuff in front of them, especially the ones by the ocean. the city i am in has a port and stuff so we eat a good amount of sea food.

um other things about so gee po..there are a lot of mentally handicapped people here. like really a lot. they all come down here because the air is fresh and healthy or something. one of our members is handicapped and loves the missionaries. he waits outside our door and follows us around. he got the name james bond because he is really sneaky. hes pretty funny. i have a goal this transfer for him to remember my name but i dont know if it will happen. he already knows my companions name so i am pretty jealous.
This week we got to teach the restoration to a 25 girl named yu-na. it was a great experience. she really understood it and comitted to pray about it. unfortunately she is moving to australia but hopefully we can get the missionaries to meet her down there.

Elder Wells

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