Monday, August 31, 2009

the circus and a sri lankan

this week was awesome. i'll try to attach some pictures. wednesday was presidents birthday so the mission had a surprise birthday party and we all went to busan and did a combined zone conference. (except for the missionaries on jeju). its the first time i have met up with the missionaries in my mtc district since we flew here together in october. it was such a good day. then on thursday my companion and i were walking on the street and we met a guy from sri lanka. i dont know if im spelling that right, its that one island below india. he was really happy to see us and we talked for a while in broken english and korean. ive heard that there are a lot of sri lankans here to get jobs and stuff. elder anderson an elder from my mtc district actually baptized a guy from sri lanka. anyway so we made an appointment with him and met the next day. we talked a little about God but his made focus is to find a job. his dad died in a tsunami and he has to send money back to his family but he has an injured back so he cant find work. we are trying to help him but we probably dont have the resources to find him a job so we might teach him korean. i hope we can, it would be a good service project. the only service we do usually is teach english class.
oh i do have some bad news though, the girl from canada stopped meeting with the sister missionaries. she said that her parents didnt like her meeting with us. ive found that it is kind of korean culture to obey your elders and listen to your parents; even when you're 28...its alright though because the gospel is still true.
the work is moving on slowly but surely here in chong one. i love it. i almost forgot about the circus. ive been to a few circus' on my mission so it wasnt that exciting. i attached a picture of me holding up my seat and fan (a piece of carpet and cardboard). the sister missionaries brought a girl from south africa with them. her name is elsa and she is hilarious. anyway gotta go

Elder Wells

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