Monday, August 31, 2009


i attached some common foods that we eat here. this would kind of be a fast food meal. on the left we have something called 'o dang,' its definately not my favorite. my first korean companion would call it a fish hot dog becuase thats exactly what it is. its ground up fish compacted into a solid form, kind of like how hot dogs are made. in the middle is soon-day. its made similar to a sausage but a little different. they jam rice and noodles into cleaned out pig intestines and cut them up into pieces. in the same dish is cooked pig liver. i actually like it over the fish stuff. on the right is my favorite of the three. its called duk poke-e. duk is really good, its made out of rice but its a squishy white substance. kind of like a marshmallow but a lot denser and not sweet. they cook it and dump a red spicy sauce over it. this was my dinner last monday.

this week our zone put on a music fireside for the stake we serve in. yeah our whole zone is one stake. its called the masan stake. we spent saturday proselyting with members and inviting them to come to the fireside at night. we also visited less actives and invited them. the turn out wasn't very impressive but we got a few less active families to come so it was exciting. i loved the spirit that comes from singing hymns of the Lord. very powerful.
at sacrament meeting the next day i got asked to translate for a foreign lady named ariana who is going back to the US. they asked her to give a five minute testimony a few minutes before the meeting so we had no time to prepare. i was really nervous because it is probably one of the hardest things to do. not only is speaking in front of a big ward hard but translating someone else's talk into korean without knowing what they are going to say is a lot of pressure. so of course i prayed and asked for help from Heavenly Father. the lady and i stood at the podium and alternated as she spoke english into the mic and i thought for a second and translated it into korean. the thing that i was most worried about was that a lot of the Koreans in the ward know english so it would be really easy to see how bad i am at korean. well the translation went a lot better than i thought it would and it was actually kind of fun. it has been fun to see my growth here as a missionary. not just my knowledge of the gospel but my faith in the power of prayer and gifts of the spirit. i believe the the Lord helped me deliver Ariana's testimony to the ward and im grateful for his help.

Elder Wells

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