Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Korean Holiday

This week on saturday is a holiday called chew suck. i guess its like korean thanksgiving? i dont really know because last chew suck i was in the mtc. i think im more excited that we get an extra p day than i am about the actually holiday. so on friday we get a full pday and we can pretty much do whatever we want. we might climb a mountain or go to busan and watch a baseball game. not really sure. it should be fun though.
the picture i attached is of the pest control system they use here in chong one. a guy drives his motorcycle around and shoots out bug spray. they've been doing it a lot recently and my companion says its to prevent the swine flu. i dont really see how they're related..

we learned in a meeting this week about the future of missionary work and how we have to work with members. this involves visiting them and getting them excited about missionary work. i dont know what it's like in other countries or other missionaries but for me visiting members, especially ones that i dont really know, can be hard. unless we go over for a dinner appointment, it can be weird to just drop in and start up a conversation. i dont always know what to say to them or how to relate to them. but we tried it out a few times and it went well. the members have a lot of faith and want to do missionary work, they just dont know how to help a lot of the time. especially here in korea, a lot of members think that missionary work is done through english programs and stuff. now that we dont rely on english to find people anymore we have to work together with the members to be successful.

elder Wells

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