Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tranfers but no transfer...

The weeks go by so fast that its hard to remember what was going on and what has changed. today is the start of a new transfer here. it probably doesnt mean much to any of you but transfer call night is like the most exciting thing in most missionaries lives. well it is at least in mine. i found out that im staying here in chong one with my korean companion elder jean. this is my third transfer with him and means that i will have been with a korean about 8 months in the last year (3 transfers with americans, 6 with koreans) kind of crazy. the sad part is that i still cant really speak this language. thats ok though.
moving on...i dont have an update on the canada girl and our subway guy didnt come to church yesterday but i had a cool expirience on the street the other day. we were walking to subway to visit our investigator and started talking to a guy on the street. he allowed us to sit down and talk to him about the book of mormon. we explained what it was and where it came from and he seemed really interested. we gave him a copy and got his phone number. we havent been able to call him back yet but it was a cool little miracle and it made me happy to see that someone is willing to listen to our message.
welp that was probably the highlight of my week. i hope all of you are doing good.

elder wells

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