Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stone Soup

i titled this one stone soup because i found a rock in my sea weed soup on thursday. my companion wasn't very surprised and told me that they pull seaweed from rocks and sometimes the rocks just come off with the weeds. the rocks and soup reminded me of a childrens book story called stone soup and i thought it was ironic.
this week went by fast just like the others. we had a cool experience while street contacting on wednesday. we met a student and taught him the whole restoration on a bench for about 30 minutes and gave him a book of mormon. then we found out that one of his teachers is actually the patriarch in our ward/stake so we told the patriarch about the lesson and he got the student to come to church. so we taught the student at church and now have plans to meet him twice a week. it was the miracle of my week.

Elder Wells

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