Monday, November 9, 2009

Korean Basketball 2 baptisms?

i found out a few weeks ago that one of my old investigators from jejudo is studying at busan university so i called him up and he came to chong one yesterday to hang out. we got permission to go to a professional korean basketball game. it was way fun. right as we were about to buy tickets some guy came up and gave them to us for free. the game was pretty normal;half the players were korean and the other half were weird foreigners, probably people that didnt make it into the nba but refused to give up their dreams. so the best part was that during one of the time outs the cheerleaders grabbed huge bundles of bananas and started giving them to people in the crowd. i was expecting them to give out t shirts or something but nope, definitely bananas. one of the cheerleaders came to our section gave the bundle of like 20 bananas to my companion. it was hilarious. we also saw our faces on the big jumbo screen and stuff. good times.

This last week we saw a lot of miracles. we have two progressing investigators (miracle) and they both committed to be baptized in a week! (huge miracle). but the problem is that both of them dont think that their parents will let them get baptized. we will probably have to push the baptism date back but if everything goes well this ward will see the first baptism its seen since february. im really excited. one thing i've learned from the first week with my new companion is to not be discouraged. just as doubt is the opposer to faith, ive learned that discouragement is the opposition to hope. im trying to be positive and hope for the best in all things. it has worked so far. have a good week. be positive.
Elder Wells

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