Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last week with Kern dog, broadcast

This week was a hard one. i found out last monday night that my companion elder kern is going home because he is sick. it wasnt too big of a shock for him because he has had bad stomach problems for a long time but i thought they would keep him here until the end of the transfer. he left yesterday and so now im in a three some with one of my old companions (elder boardman) and a korean elder. should be fun.

yesterday was an interesting day. we had a stake conference but it was a nationwide satellite broadcast straight from the presidency of the church. i got to hear elder Evans of the 70 (a lot of koreans think i look like him), elder holland, and president uchtdorf. Im not sure if they do broadcasts like this for every country but this one was specifically for Korea and focused on some problems members have to deal with here. the main topic was establishing zion in korea because many move to america for schooling and to live which really hurts the church here. my favorite part was elder holland's talk. he talked about the need for korean young men to serve missions. a lot of koreans dont go on missions because they have to serve two years in the military and schooling is really important to them. right now there are 114 korean missionaries around the world. he noted that he understands how hard it is for koreans but that the first presidency expects them to go and if they do they will be blessed. i dont have the exact quote but he said something like 'i promise that if you go on a mission the Lord will provide a way for you to be successful.' the power in his voice was inspirational. i know that what he said is true and that me and my family have been blessed from my service to the Lord.
thats all i have time to say. wish i could tell you more about the meeting though.

-Elder Wells

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