Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nope No Baptism

ok so this week was kind of a crazy one. the lady i was going to baptize called off her baptism so that was kind of a bummer. she is just having a hard time emotionally right now and needs some time to think. its alright though, im confident that she'll get baptized when she thinks she's ready.
that was the main focus of the week for me. we went to her house and gave her a blessing and stuff so everything should work out. besides that we spent some time with the youth this week on saturday. they had a stake activity with a mini mtc and a street prosyliting activing. it reminded me of when i was a junior in high school and we did the mini mtc in our stake. a little different though. i remember parker speaking in the mtc and saying that he would trade places with any of us high school students just so he could go on a mission again. i couldnt understand why he would ever do that. he was a cool college student on the byu raquet ball team living a fun life and preparing to get married. why would he want to give that up for something as hard as a mission? im still not sure if i fully understand and i might have to go home to realize how much i love this work but i can see what he is talking about. its the small miracles or the new investigator or the loving members that make this work amazing. i am grateful for the opportunity to see God's hand in this work, in my life, and in the lives of the Korean people. theres nothing like it.

Elder Wells

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