Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the blessings begin

the new year blessings are already starting to come here in po hong. this week we found a new investigator! its actually the daughter of one of the member families in our branch. the daughters didnt get baptized when she was young because she heard bad things about the church from her flute teacher. she's now 22 and has had no desire to come to church or learn about the gospel even though the rest of the family is active. im not sure whats changed but she has accepted to take the lessons from the missionaries so we started teaching her on saturday. even though her parents are members, she knows little about the church and hasn't shown a lot of desire to learn. her parents said that the fact that she accepted to meet the missionaries is a success in itself. so we taught a lesson about the restoration and stressed the importance of our message. i have faith that this girl will grow as she accepts our commitments and continues to learn.

i also ate lobster this week. its not so good with kimchi..
elder wells

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