Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a new change

it was another good but crazy week here in pohang. we got transfer phone calls last friday and my korean companion that i've served with for 6 months got transfered to busan. it was sad to see him go. after he got the call i waited for about a half hour to find out who my new companion would be. i was really nervous about my new companion because life was good with elder jin and change isn't always easy. i expected my new companion to call me but instead i got a call from president jennings saying that im training. so yesterday i went down to busan and picked up my new greenie! oh and of course, like most of my companions, he's korean. his name is jo one tay and he's from seoul. its hard to explain but just looking at him makes me laugh. he has no idea whats going on most of the time and has to ask me questions about everything. training him will be really fun.
as for the rest of my week, it was really good. we had a lesson with the daughter of our part member family and it went well. she is reading the book of mormon and said she'd come to church. very exciting.
welp, i have to go. this work is amazing, i know its true and im grateful i can do it.

elder wells

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