Thursday, May 20, 2010

good week

we had a good week this week. the keyboard is kind of broken so i cant type a lot but heres some things we did this week.

friday we visited the ulsan district president at his robot 'academy'. there are millions of 'academies' in korea that kids go to after school and study at. they started to help kids study more and do better in school but everyone started going to them and they've become more important than school in some places. i feel bad for the kids in korea because they go to school and then have to go to these academies all day, sometimes until midnight. it also makes it hard for us to meet with younger investigators because they have no free time.
we also had a lot of success prosyliting at a nearby college but havent been able to meet with any of the people we talked with. its easy to get phone numbers from people, especially students but they never seem to have time to meet with us. one of our goals is to show the people how important this message is to them so that they want to meet with us again.
on sunday we ate dinner with a part member family and talked about how we could help make the father an investigator. the wife and kids want the dad to be baptized really bad and they set a baptismal date for him every year on his birthday but he isnt interested yet. i was moved by the wife's faith and how she has been able to raise her children in the church without her fathers help. they're awesome family.
this keyboard isnt cooperation so i'll end it with that.
the church is true

elder wells

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