Thursday, June 3, 2010

Joseph Smith movie

we had another pretty good week here in ulsan. we've been trying to get the ward activated in missionary work more so we planned to have a fireside and watch the Joseph Smith prophet of the Restoration movie but instead of doing a big fireside we watched it for the 3 hour of church on sunday. it was a good opportunity to go around and invite investigators and less active members to come out to church and we actually had some success. a less active family came and were immediately fellowshipped by a lot of the members.
watching the movie brought back memories of seeing it in Salt Lake and in the mtc and also reminded me of how faithful the saints were even with all of the opposition they faced. the members here really liked it and i think they can relate to it because its not very easy to be a member of the church in korea either. most of the members here are first or second generation saints just like the pioneers and struggle to give up their 'lifestyles' to obey the commandments of God. i am amazed everyday at how faith motivates us to do such challenging things.

elder wells

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