Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Letter to Mak - Finals!

hey MAKKK!

howwww areeee youuuuu? i heard that you have finals next week. thats a bummer. have you been studying hard? you would be shocked how much koreans study. like everyday until midnight! then they go home, sleep, and do the same thing the next day. and they all wear high school uniforms. i feel bad for them.

anyway, because education is really important in korea im always thinking about how school and church are similar. for example today i was studying the general conference talk by elder Oaks about priesthood blessings and theres a quote from brigham young that says we shouldnt ask for blessings unless we take medicine and do all that we can to get better. he said that its like praying for wheat and corn to grow without planting seeds. since we dont have farms nowadays i related it to school. . we can pray and ask for help on tests but we need to do all that we can by studying hard in order to get all of the blessings. then you can pray and ask heavenly father for help in remembering the things that you studied. i know that if you study with that attitude, Heavenly Father will help you.

mak, you're awesome. cant wait to see you in a few weeks.

elder wells

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