Tuesday, December 23, 2008


December 21, 2008

i tried to upload some photos so i hope that you can see them. if you cant, sorry.
so anyway, one of the pictures is of the baptism we had yesterday. it was the first baptism i have seen in Korea. his name is kim sung su. i told you a little about him before but basically his mom and brother were baptized about 8 months ago and he finally decided to get baptized. he was taught before i got here so i didnt really teach him or anything. but im glad he was baptized. his mom spoke at the baptizm and she talked about how the church has changed and blessed her life. it was really cool to see the change that the gospel can bring in such a short amount of time.
this last week our ward had a christmas party/performance night that went really well. a lot of people participated and we did a dance. my companion and i were walking on the street before the party and we met a guy and invited him. well i thought the guy was kinda sketchy but my companion thought it would be good to invite him. sure enough the guy was a bum and he showed up 2 hours early and brought a huge hiking backpack with him with all his stuff. everyone was kind of afraid of him. it was really funny.
at the end of the christmas party they showed clips of Christ's life from church videos. a lot of nonmembers came to the party so it was good for them to see. i was also glad to be able to see the video because Christmas isn't celebrated here like it is in the US. the members don't even do anything on christmas from what i have heard. so i havent been able to see things like our wards nativity and stuff. the video was a good reminder of how much the Savior has done for us and i am grateful for his sacrifice.

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