Sunday, December 7, 2008

Picking Oranges

December 7, 2008

Well this week went by pretty fast. nothing really special happened but we had some cool experiences and a good service project.

our service project was on wednesday and was in another town on the island called so gee po. we spent the day out there picking orange/tangerine things in a huge orange grove/garden thing. it was actually really cool. jeju has a ton of farms that grow oranges and everyone eats them. they are really good. we have a billion oranges in are apartment and a lot of them go bad because we can't eat them fast enough. one of the missionaries said that he didnt drink water for a week because he got enough water from eating the oranges. so for the project we went out to this farm and this old lady just watched us pick her oranges (we had to cut them off the trees cuz if you pluck them, the peel comes off too and ruins them) so anyways ya this old lady just watched us and yelled at us in her crazy korean that i couldnt understand whenever we did it wrong.
last night we had a good appointment with an older man. his wife is a member but he isnt. i couldnt understand very well but i think he is buddhist but has a lot of interest in christianity. the missionaries have visited him many times before but he is a little stubborn so they havent been able to get him to sit down and listen to a lesson. we started talking to him about our church and how we are Christian but have a little different view about how God and Jesus are two different beings. my companion explained that when Jesus was baptized, Heavenly Fathers voice came from heaven and also when he was on the cross, he talked to the father. i then said that when Joseph Smith saw God, he saw God and Jesus Christ. well he hadn't heard about Joseph Smith so my companion and i gave him the first vision story. it was awesome and the spirit was there. i felt it. we then explained a little about the Book of Mormon and asked if he would read the introduction before we visit again. he popped it open right then and read the whole thing. it was a good experience.
Welp i gotta go.
the church is true. it really is.

Elder Wells

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