Monday, December 29, 2008


December 28, 2008

hey everyone,
i hope you all had a good Christmas. i had a small but peaceful Christmas here. it was really good to talk to everyone on the phone and now i feel like i don’t have much to say. but some things i forgot to mention were:
we got cell phones. that was weird. i was just getting used to not having a cell phone and now i have one again. the cell phones here are really cool. they have a camera on the front next to the screen and you can actually video chat with the cell phone. its pretty cool.

on Christmas eve all of the 6 missionaries here got together and we set up a table and pictures in front of the city hall and sang Christmas songs. we were hoping for people to stop by and look at the church pictures and ask questions but no one did. so we grabbed a bunch of Book of Mormons (copies of the Book of Mormon if you want to be correct) and proselyted there in front of the city hall for a few hours. it was really effective. i loved telling people merry Christmas and explaining to them what Christmas actually is. it is always sad to talk to people that have no idea who Christ is or what He did for all of us. but at the same time it makes me want to work even harder so that i can bring as many souls unto Christ as i can. i have gained a lot of understanding this Christmas season about the countless sacrifices that Christ made for us. i am grateful for His sacrifices and the ability i have to give such a small sacrifice of 2 years back to Him.

Elder Wells

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