Monday, December 1, 2008

Jeju week 2

November 30, 2008


This week went well. the first thing that i have learned while i have been on the island is that i am still doing missionary work. the island is just another area in the mission and a lot of work needs to be done. we worked a lot this week with a few investigors and some inactive members. we visited a philipino lady named share-anne. she is a member but is inactive, her husband isnt a member and she has a 3 year old son. we couldnt come in and talk with her because she was home alone but we shared a really good message from the door (in english luckily). she started crying during our conversation and told us how hard it has been to live in korea becuase she feels alone since she cant talk to anyone (besides her husband who speaks english). it has stopped her from coming to church too because she doesnt learn anything. we recognized her concern and i told her that i can really relate to her. it is hard to go to church and to live here becuase i honestly dont know what people are saying. the only people i can have a normal conversation with is my companion and the other american elder in our appartment. but i told her that it is important to come to sacrament to feel the spirit that is there and to renew baptisimal covenants. it was a good meeting. unfortunately she didnt come to sacrament yesterday though.

oh and we also had thanksgiving this week! it was a really good day and no, i didnt even eat kimchi. we went to an american restaraunt called young gu's pizza (sounds like an american name right?). its really good, almost american style food but its pretty expensive. so for thanksgiving i had cheese fries, onion rings, and pizza. probably the best meal i have had yet.
also this week our branch put on a music night. it was more like a talent show and a lot of people performed. it was a lot of fun. we (the 6 missionaries here) did a dance. i have it recorded on the memory card so you'll get that whenever i send it home.

Elder Wells

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