Thursday, January 15, 2009

A New Year, A New Korean Companion

Jan 4, 2009

Another Korean Companion

so this week was transfer week. i thought that everything would stay pretty normal because i have only been with elder Boardman for 1 transfer but nope. im still in the same area but i got a new companion. he is flying here tonight at 6 so i havent met him yet. his name is Elder jung jing (like jingle bells without the le..or the bells) sung. 정징성. another korean elder next to me just said that the last part of his name (sung) "is means castle." so ya thats him. i have heard a lot of good things about him, he used to be a zone leader in busan and he is 'dying' in 2 transfers. so it looks like i will be with him for his last 2. its crazy, i have had 5 companions (including the mtc) and ive only been on a mish for 5 transfers.
anyways, what else. ah, ya i had a pretty interesting appointment this week. we got a phone call around 7:30 pm and this lady who we found wanted to take us out to dinner. so we met her at a restaraunt and started eating (the main dish was eel, not bad but a little chewy). well she says that she has to drink alcohol and asks us if its ok. my companion was like umm anyway, long story short, she gets drunk and starts going off about night clubs and 'abominable things' according to our korean elder/translator and how she wants to go with us to one (i had no idea what she was saying and neither did my comp). we tried to get out of there as fast as we could and by the time we did it was about 9:45. it was probably the craziest night i have had so far. so ya that was the highlight of my week. not very spiritual but i learned never to let your investigator get drunk during an appointment, it just isnt good.
as far as real, sober investigators go, we have started working with this old guy, about 70, who served in the korean war; he showed us a crazy scar on his head to prove it. his main interest is english. our mission used to do this thing called the 30/30 program where missionaries would teach english 30 min and then the lessons for 30. we stopped it but if people ask, we can teach them. we also teach english classes at the church on wed and sat. so he started out wanting to learn english but his interest is slowly changing. he doesnt have any religion but thinks there could be a God and wants to learn more about him. we have committed him to pray but he hasn't yet, he said he would before we meet again. it is really exciting to watch first hand his spiritual knowledge and desire grow. he is a good investigator for me because he needs to hear simple truths explained simply. all i can say are the most basic, simple sentences but even though they are simple, they are so true. i know that i am teaching the truth and that Heavenly Father has put this man in my path to help both him and me grow.

Elder Wells

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