Thursday, January 22, 2009

One more week

January 18, 2009

One more week…

This week nothing really special happened and i dont have much time so i will keep it short.
we met with our older investigator twice this week. he took us to a museum of Jeju on tuesday. that was kind of cool. then he came to church on Sunday. we have taught him the restoration but he always tells stories and stuff so its hard to focus on the lesson and teach him.
besides that we visited a few less active members and did a lot of proselyting.
umm...ya thats about it for missionary work. i have been studying a lot about faith this week though. another missionary pointed out that in Moroni 10 under all of the gifts of the spirit, faith is one of them. and in order to recieve these gifts, we have to ask for them. i have been trying to increase my faith through prayer and action. i have faith that i will learn this language and be able to find people who will accept the gospel.

Elder Wells

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