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January 11, 2009

so to answer your questions, my new companion is great, his name is jung jean (not jing) sung and he is from a place called kong one dough or something. i dont really know where it is, just somewhere near seoul. he is not very good at english so it makes things interesting. outside the appartment we only speak korean..if we speak at all. its hard to make a good relationship because of the language barrier. but i am learning a lot from him and my language skills are improving. he is super nice and a really good missionary. for the most part i can say what i want to say but understanding what other people say back to me is a lot harder. it takes a lot of focusing. and even when i uderstand most of it, theres always words i dont understand so i have to guess what the person is trying to say. its fun. i will definately be on the island for the next 2 transfers if not the next 3.its expensive to fly people out here so the missionaries stay a while. it really is a priviledge to be here and especially with a korean companion. i have decided that its probably the most ideal situation a new missionary could be in. its the best place in the mission with a very experienced companion that obviously knows the language. i truly am blessed and being prepared to become an instrument in the lords hands.
i forgot to mention last week that i am the only american living in our 4 man house. there are 2 koreans and the other elder is from new zealand. hes not mauri though. hes pretty normal, just has a funny accent, especially when he speaks korean. its definately weird to be the only american though, i can't fully relate to anyone really. theres two more missionaries on the south side of the island and one of them is american so i have one lifeline.
this week wasn't very busy. we spent a lot of time street proselyting and knocking doors. it hasn't been too effective but we got a few contacts so hopefully we get something out of it. we did meet a dropped investigator family and talked to them for a while. the father is really nice and has a lot of good questions. he really likes how our church teaches. how there isnt a pastor or preacher that speaks the whole time but instead how the members all speak and teach each other. he also likes how important family is to the church. the only concern is that he has read a lot of bad things about the church on the internet. we havent gotten into any of those concerns but it could be a problem. about that old guy,named gong gyung oak, we met with him and showed him the restoration video. he had a lot of questions which was good but we kinda got distracted.
we also went out and visited the philipino lady named cher-anne. she has been having a hard time lately and said it was a blessing that we came to visit her. we couldnt go in but stood at the door and shared a message with her. my companion doesnt speak english so itwas only me talking to her. i dont have time to go into details but i bore testimony to her about Heavenly Father's love for all of His children. the spirit was definately there and it felt so good to be able to express myself in english.

Elder Wells

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